In my opinion Ian is  an excellent speaker, combining humour with real depth of insights into the situations he talks about.

Ian approached the topics with a fresh perspective, often taking the audience on a journey that they had not expected but were enthralled with.

I would not hesitate to hire Ian for a speaking engagement, whatever the topic, since his research skills are excellent. I have heard him speak on topics from healthcare issues to flying planes, his knowledge base is esoteric and broad.

Having heard Ian several times and spoken with him at other occassions I can honestly say that he is one of the most talented and interesting speakers I have ever worked with, and I have worked with many.

 Michael McCartney is an author and documentary film maker and has worked as a senior hospital administrator (VP) in the largest hospital in Canada, was President of a major health and environmental consulting firm and recently sold his healthcare software business. Michael speaks on a variety of topics from global warming to healthcare but his passion is stress reduction and meditation.

Anyone having further questions about Ian should not hesitate to contact me directly,

Michael McCartney MES, MHSc.




I had the pleasure of attending a presentation on flying which Ian did for the RHUC Men's breakfast group.  The topics for the RHUC monthly venue are meant to be entertaining and informative while addressing an audience of varying educational backgrounds, interests and ages.  Ian was very successful in his efforts as witnessed by the enthusiastic response and questions from the audience. 

I personally thought back to some of my earlier adventurous days as Ian reminisced about how he became involved with flying, the hard work to accomplish his goal of flying, his vivid descriptions of what he felt when flying and his near disastrous landing while trying to impress that young lady.  It is interesting how the youth become known in such a positive way when they survive such an incident as Ian described!

Ian, I believed from the presentation, grew into a confident and increasingly self motivated adult during his time learning to fly.

Ian is an engaging speaker that can meet the needs of a diverse audience.  I would not hesitate in attending other talks by Ian nor hesitate in recommending Ian to others.

George C. Moon, M.Sc. (Eng.), P. Eng.

George Moon has over thirty years of experience in the fields of technical management and leadership in various executive positions as well as building complex software systems.  Mr. Moon has published a book entitled “Lessons Learned: Management and Leadership for a Technical World” where George shares stories from his experiences and lectures from the book.  These stories include ones from when he founded his own company, ran several global development teams and his years as CTO of a large multi-national software company that grew from $45 million to $170 million U.S. 

Mr. Moon is the holder of U.S. Patents and was the 2009 Inventor of the Year for Pitney Bowes.  Mr. Moon has done numerous presentations worldwide in his executive roles and has won acclaims for his presentations.


I’ve heard Ian speak several times over the past few years on diverse subjects and from those occasions I have the following recollections:

  • At age 17, trying to impress a girl by taking her for a flight in a small plane, making her air sick and then crashing on landing by hitting a snow fence that shouldn't have been there.
  • A son stunned and broken, stumbling up to the police nearby. 
  • A desperate ambulance ride, and his son coming out of a coma with humor.
  • Coming home from the hospital and finding dinner waiting on his porch, with well wishes and prayers.
  • Walking through his client sculptor’s sea of cones and huge cylinders in Germany and Toronto and BMX bicycles riding on his sculpture.

Of those things and places, I've only physically been to the street art in Toronto. The rest are places brought to me by Ian whom,  as a speaker, had  me wondering through his subjects, instead of considering his style or the format of his presentation.

 As a member of the Audience I learned, laughed, and almost cried. I learned appreciation for the subject and captured the feelings of some tough and comical moments.

 Ian's material is well prepared for his audience, and spoke in ways that are accessible.

 I would recommend Ian as a speaker for a general audience similar to ours. 

Adam DeVita, P.Eng.

President of the Richmond Hill NDP, coach and  manager of candidates in 7 campaigns

Member of the organizing committee for 5 years

Richmond Hill